How important is packaging design for a new product start-up?

significance of packaging

Developing packaging is difficult for start-ups coming up with their first product, one of the reasons being priority for packaging design.

For every product start-up, product development is their priority and it should be. But when it comes to packaging, some entrepreneurs appreciate the importance of packaging design. For rest of them, packaging is a nuisance and distraction.

Why product start-ups are unable to appreciate the brand pull that an attractive packaging can give to the products they are creating filled with entrepreneurial love? And by attractive, by no means, I mean a very fancy expensive packaging. Even very simple and clean packaging designs do their job.

Let’s take an example of a new start-up in food and beverage sector.

  • No beverage placed on the shelf can talk for itself.

startup product's packaging design

  • Not every outlet selling that beverage can have a dedicated salesman to explain to your potential consumers how your product and brand is different from your competitors. And even if you had, there is no way you could have ensured that same message is conveyed in a consistent way by all salesmen.
  • And, let’s not forget the tendency of many buyers to make an impulse purchase while standing in shopping aisle.

For above stated reasons, product start-ups need to focus on creative packaging design to make their products stand out. Marketing messages play a very different role in pre-purchase phase. But appealing and eye catching packaging design plays a crucial role in establishing purchase experience. Ironically, consumers experience product quality only in post-purchase phase. And before I conclude, I’d like to emphasize product quality is still very important. Appealing packaging can get you a customer once, but ultimately the product quality must be good enough for that buyer to make a re-purchase decision or recommend your product to friends and family.

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