Effective Food Product Packaging Design Tips for Graphic Designers

startup product's packaging design

Product packaging design requires more than a good eye, especially food products.

Graphic designers who design packaging have to focus on creating a strong brand through effective design.

But what makes a good or an effective packaging design for F&B?

  1. Clarity about the content and function of the packaged food:

Packaging keeps the product safe, but another important function of packaging is to convey information to the buyer and the user about the contents within. A simple and clear packaging design should be able to achieve that within first few seconds.

In other words, when a customer picks up this packaged product, she should immediately be able to tell what the food product is, its type and of course what brand it is.

  1. Self differentiation from similar products of other brands on the shelf

Next time when you go shopping in a supermarket, notice how you look at products placed on the shelf. You might find yourself just glancing at them, not in detail and never in isolation. And then a distinctive and relatively more appealing packaging design catches your attention. That’s when you generally decide to take a closer look at the product.


A successful packaging design is not necessarily the most good looking one. It should be able to stand out from the clutter.

A beautiful design doesn’t always guarantee that. But a research of your competitor’s product packaging design does help.

  1. Clear indication of the product category

When you get a client brief for food packaging design or say wine label design, ask them how they want their product to be seen by the shoppers. Do they want to slot their product as a price driven value brand or a premium brand?

As a graphic designer working on consumer product packaging design, you must find out how your client wants the F&B brand to come across and target what kind of buyer segment. You will be able to choose a more appropriate tone and use subtle details to appeal to that category of buyers though your design.

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Published by packaging design team of OH! Design Studio – a packaging design agency and a full service branding firm in Mumbai, India.